Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ventura County Fair

Way back in August my friend B and I went to the County fair.  We checked out all the animals, the kids art, the gems and minerals, the collections, the photography and basically any other exhibit we could find.  Then we bought tickets and played a few games.  I couldn't pop a balloon with a dart or knock over cans with a ball, but I did win the train race by getting the highest number of points in a game of skeet ball!

I didn't actually want the prize but I couldn't get up the gumption to give it to a likely looking kid, so I left it on a likely looking car in the parking lot.  Hopefully some kid went home happy and it didn't turn out that the owner of the vehicle was paranoid and thought it was a suspicious package or something.

After the games we were going to go on a ride.  I really wanted to go on the roller coaster.  It reminded me of the Mad Mouse from White Swan.  But more rickety looking.  I thought the thrill came from the fact that it might actually collapse and you might actually die.  But B refused, preferring to live apparently.  We ended up going on a haunted house type ride.  It lasted about 20 seconds and was cheesyiness personified, except they had one real person in there who kept jumping out at you (it went in a circle.)  For some reason I was terrified of her!  It was quite silly and fun.

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