Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dog Show Number 2

This was our second show back after our self-imposed break and this time everyone got a turn!  I can't remember the last time Fancy ran agility, but she ran last weekend like an old pro!  Sadly for me she didn't Q- knocked bar in jumpers and jumped off the table right away in standard- but happily for both me and her, she had a great time and loved it.  Plus, she was really fast!

Pie had one Q- I got lazy in standard and pulled up too soon on a send causing the wrong side of a tunnel and in jumpers she did Qualify with a second place behind a BC who won AKC Nationals a few years back.  So we won't be ashamed to come in second to him!

Dottie was entered 2 days and got one Q.  Her first day was not great.  I pulled her off course in standard when she was not paying attention and at this time I can't remember what happened in jumpers.  Probably a bar.  Our second day a poorly chosen rear cross caused a bar in standard and she was clean in jumpers with a great time and a first place.  With the small amount of trialing we are doing and the lack of Qs, I do not know if we will fulfill the qualifications needed for Nationals this year in Reno.  We'll see.  My blasie attitude tells me it isn't that important for me to attend.

At the dog show...

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