Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Adventure

In my young adulthood I saved my money.  This was great because it allowed me to be financially secure and buy my house, my van and my motorcycle. Several motorcycles  Now in my not so young adulthood I am spending money.  My latest toy is a new kayak.  New to me, at least.  It was a cheep find on Craigslist.  Thanks to the parents for some birthday money, I now own something I can put in the ocean.  It is very CA of me.

It fits in the van and due to the lip around the part where the person sits, it is very secure in the van and doesn't slide around.  After posing for pictures with it a few days ago

I took it out for the first time today. 

However, the first stop was eating Toppers Pizza which is right next to the dock I planned to use.  Yumm.  Turns out the dock is a dingy dock.  It was well suited for my purpose.  It is in a well protected harbor with lots of "streets" made out of water (canals?  but bigger?) to paddle down.

Dottie was the lucky kayak dog.  Fancy could probably take turns, but Pie is too big and I'm sure Muffin isn't interested.

Our first kayaking adventure was mostly a success. It was a success because Dottie was well behaved and we did it tip over or fall out. Only mostly a success because apparently going in the direction you want is harder than it looks. I kept drifting sideways and going in circles. I didn't want to stay in the middle of the channel because I was worried about being in the way of any real boats that might come along, and I didn't want to get too close to the sides because I was concerned about running into some of the huge yachts anchored next to the beach houses.   I couldn't get to pictures while kayaking.  I had the phone with me warped in multiple layers of saran wrap and then put in a ziplock bag then secured in a mesh bag attached to the boat in case we tipped over.  Not surprisingly, it wouldn't work with all of those layers of protection. Since I didn't get any action photos out on the water, here is one of Dottie playing on the dock afterwards.

I have a friend who said she'd go out with me and offer pointers on how to go in the correct direction.  That will be helpful, for sure.

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