Friday, November 1, 2013

More Halloween Photos

I realize Halloween is over, but I wasn't able to post these pictures before, so they are going up now.

She wasn't scared of the corpse, she just wanted to play in the dirt, but I wanted her to stand up.

Hello Mr. Corpse.

Malinois' turn!

Pie is happy to pose but Dottie want to know why SHE has to sit next to the dead guy!

Fancy and Missy wait nicely.  This was at the dog show.

Pie has a nibble while Missy inspects the unfortunate pile of bones.  Fancy and Dottie want a nibble also!

Trick or Treat!

Fancy and Pie pose with their loot from the trial.  Fancy QQ and Pie no QQ because they were on different days.

Missy and her pumpkin.  Carved by me.

She approves!

Inspecting the stem.

Feeling up Mommy's pumpkin.

She does not approve.

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