Monday, November 18, 2013

Dottie Progress

Dottie is doing low jump grids! No rewards because I want to keep her calmish and the point is just to get her back in shape and keep her from getting re injured but tonight she was all excited and barky.  I started with 3 jumps all at 12, and now I have moved one jump to 16.  We have an appointment with the rehab vet tomorrow so I will confirm that those heights are appropriate.  Who knows, maybe we can go higher.  Dottie is still showing no lameness and she still wants to do more and run amock and play with Pie.  But she has not been given the ok for that yet.  Poor Dottie.

We also continue to do her stretching and core strengthening exercises- after Missy has gone to bed.  Once I left the giant peanut out and Missy thought it was a great toy.  Which is fine, unless Dottie is trying to use it at the same time.

Even with liberal applications of treats, she does not really like her exercises.  Her favorite is the hip stretches.  I don't know why she doesn't care for the rest.  Not all are pictured.

Hip stretches on the peanut.  Sometimes I leave her like this when I do chores.

Sitting on it and then I rock it gently and her core works to keep her on top.

Sitting pretty for increasing duration, and short durations on the peanut.

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