Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Missy Goes to the Park

Missy went to the park for the first time two weekends ago.  Of course Nana was there too, and since we walked, several dogs.  It was a total hit for Missy.  She loved the swing and while she didn't smile as much on the slide, it was over faster so harder to get into.  Pie was jealous of the baby playing on the equipment.  In the past when we went to the park, the dogs got to play.  So when Missy was done I released Pie and she ran around like a crazy dog, barking and jumping on and off of things.  I had to put a stop to in when some actual children showed up.

Loving the swing!

Proof I was there.

Nana takes a turn pushing.

Waving before heading over to the slide.

Close up of the waving.

Weee!  Down the slide.

Then it was crazy Pie's turn.

Bucking up for the walk home.  Do you see Fancy's nose?  She was there too.

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