Monday, November 18, 2013

First Hike

Before SchH/ IPO training last Saturday, I took the 3 big dogs and Missy for a "hike" in Santa Rosa County Park.  I put hike in quotes because the trail I went on is wide and flat and is more like a walk than a hike.  But it was out in the country and it wasn't paved, so it was close to a hike!  The dogs have to be on leash, but they were well behaved, and did not pull.  Missy rode in her Baby Bjorn.  She loves that thing!  My shoulders were not loving it so much!  Since the dogs were on leash and I had a baby and 3 leashes I did not bring the camera on the walk/ hike.  I did have it in the car, so I got a picture at the end of the walk.  We ended up going 2.3 miles.  Again, hardly a hike, but the baby got really heavy at the end!

Missy babbled the whole time and really enjoyed the ride.  She also got to pet a horse (Webster) that we met in the parking lot.  The horse's owner was impressed with how brave she was.  She's used to Malinois, I don't think a horse will phase her!

After the hike we had a good time at dog training, then headed to Nana and Grandad's house.  Still no dog shows since Dottie is still out with her injury and I'm taking the opportunity to save on entry fees.

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