Thursday, November 28, 2013


My Godchild and only niece, and the eldest and up until Missy, only, grandchild, L, is visiting for Thanksgiving!  She came out with her Dad so we only got to see her for a little bit today, but we made every moment count.  I haven't seen her since her First Communion, so it was great for me to see her.  She is very mature and seems quiet, but you know she is really quite silly and maybe being a little reserved because she isn't at home.  Overall an amazing child and I did quite well raising her, obviously. :)

L was very excited to do everything with Missy.  She fed her lunch, helped her walk, played toys with her, carried her at the park, played in the sand with her, pushed her in the swing, took her down the slide, carried her (most of the way) back to the car, then fed her a bottle and watched me change her diaper so she could be ready next time.

So helpful!

Two cousins!

I love this picture.

Playing in the sand.

This dog is bored.

L helping Missy walk over the bridge.

Then carrying her back over.

Going down the side together.

L pushing her little cousin in the swing.

I supervise L doing the work.

Missy went down the small slide by herself.  She liked it.

Then L played by herself.


Once we got home L helped feed her.

This dog was even more bored.

Me and my child and Godchild!

Nana and her two granddaughers!

Sadly the visit was way too short, but I was happy the only two cousins in the family go to meet.  L was also happy she was a baby so she could help her so much.

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