Monday, May 6, 2013

Pie Takes a Bite, But Not Out of Crime

As we know, Pie is retired from Schutzhund (now called IPO) due to her back.  Last time at training, we were the last ones on the field (after practicing obedience) while the new helper, the young son of one of the club members- young meaning freshman in college- got dressed out.  Since we were ready and then he was ready, I let Pie run the blinds, do a bark and hold, and get a bite.  I then tried a call out and she came out, but went right back in!  Silly dog.  I was very, very surprised at how excited she was, and how strong she was on a helper she never saw before.  If anything, after being away so long AND with a new helper, I thought she'd take a bite, remember she wasn't that into it to begin with, and be good to go.  But she didn't want to leave and everything about her said, Again, Again!  So I let her go one more time. 

Sigh, poor Pie.  She coulda been a contender.  Or at least an ok club dog. Truthfully, she is a lot better than some dogs I've seen out there. 

Here was the picture I took while she snuggled with me later that night.

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