Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Weekend's Trial

Last weekend the trial was just down the road from me.  I took the opportunity to enter Friday and take the day off.  It was a 1 judge trial and it ran small to tall, so I had to wait around for quite some time.  When it was finally time for 24 inches, I took Dottie out, but she was acting strange.  She wouldn't put her paws up on me, and she didn't want to take the practice jump.  No one could find any lameness, so my thought was it was her tummy.  She was having digestive issues and if your tummy hurts you probably don't want to jump.

I scratched her and we went home.  It was an extra bummer since I had waited around so long, and because I had taken the day off.  Oh well.

The next day Dottie was feeling fine so I didn't have to scratch her.  Yay!

Dottie earned Double Q number 10 on Saturday!  I once thought she had already earned number 10, but I was mistaken.  This was her REAL number 10!  Half way to her MACH!!  She actually displaced the displacable tire and got a fault, but then the judge noticed it was set too high.  After our run he called us back and told us if we did it correctly, he could take the fault away.  That was a gift for us, because even if it had been set correctly, we probably still would have broken it because she took it as such an extreme angle due to my poor handling.   Also in the same run she had a "1 Hit Wonder" A-frame, but the 1 hit was in the yellow.  AND on top of that I thought she had a teeter fly off but he didn't call it.  Watching the video, it was close.  I suppose it is possible her toe was still on the board when it hit the ground.

Pie was entered Saturday also- her first time in Preferred.  She had fun and got her first Double Q towards her PACH!

On Sunday it was Fancy and Dottie entered.  Fancy had a great run in standard, but on the last obstacle I let her take the wrong side of the tunnel for an NQ.  I saw her going the wrong way, but as is common with me, my brain panicked and shut off and I just let her do the wrong thing!  Not the most helpful response.  Bad brain.

I had a great plan for Dottie to make sure I didn't mess her up on the tunnel also.  I lead out past the first jump and made sure I didn't move until she had landed.  But she still knocked the first bar.  I excused us as a reminder to her that she has some responsibility to keep bars up.  I know she watches me and if I am jerky or late or awkward she will drop a bar.  But if I'm not moving, she needs to take responsibility for keeping the first bar up.  It must have had some impact on her because in jumpers she kept all the bars up and had a great run!

Fancy also Qed in jumpers.  I wish I hadn't messed her up in Standard!

Except for having to scratch Dottie the first day, messing up Fancy and Dottie knocking the first bar, it was a great trial!  Of course all the "bad" is balanced by not only having success, but also by hanging out with friends and having the opportunity to run healthy, happy dogs!

I'll put the videos in a different post.

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