Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The boys. Uncle, Dad, 2 Brothers, Uncle.

Uncle, Aunt, Dad, Mom, Brother, Grandmother, Brother, Me!, Uncle
Several of my maternal relatives came to CA for a short visit.  Sadly, the purpose of the visit was to attend the funeral of my Grandmother's Cousin, the person I call our "only California relative."  She was a great lady and left me with many fond memories of summer days visiting her house and swimming in her pool, yummy Thanksgiving dinners, and merry Christmases.  She spent the last few years traveling the world, so even though she has passed away, I think she had a great opportunity to live the life she wanted to live.

Rest in Peace.

All of the people in the photo (with the exception of my father!) are related to my mother- meaning no one is an aunt or uncle by marriage. I believe I got my short stature from my Grandmother.  But you don't look to short, you might be thinking.  Perhaps that is true, but the 4 inch heels might be skewing my true height just a bit!

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