Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dottie's Standard Run on Sunday

We did not QQ either day.  Very close on Saturday.  We were clean in Standard, and had almost made it through jumpers when I rushed a rear cross and she pulled off a jump.  On Sunday, once we were clean again in Standard I was hopeful, but suffered the agony of defeat when I handled poorly the entire course, and it caught up with me a few jumps from the end.  Darn!  But at least we got 2 Qs in standard, since usually we NQ standard and Q jumpers.  All the bars stayed up except for 1, so that is encouraging also.

On Saturday in Standard Dottie came in 3rd.  1st place was a 20 inch BC running 24 inches to ease into the 26 inch height for World Team purposes.  A smaller dog has an advantage jumping in the 24 inch class, and I can't really compare us to WT hopefuls, so I don't worry about beating that dog.  The second place dog was a dog I didn't recognize, so I watched it run next time and it wasn't very fast.  Dottie went really wide on one jump, and this dog must have turned correctly.  Probably the dog Dottie beat last weekend due to a more efficient line feels the same way about us!  "How does Dottie beat us, she isn't faster...?"

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