Monday, December 17, 2012


Some pictures I ordered a while ago still haven't come yet, but to make up for the delay, the photographer sent me the e-versions.

I love Fancy's tail flowing in the breeze.

Dottie exiting the teeter with all haste.

Pie agilitwheeeee!

 As I recall, I was going a blind cross at the bottom of the frame, which cased the extension we see here, which caused one hit on the downside, above the yellow, and yet another QQ lost to contacts!  Obviously I needed to manage the contact better.  We missed the contact and the Q, but we got a great picture.  I know everyone thinks this about their own dogs, but dang- she is a good looking dog!

Upside down Cake. Pie.            

Last night I was reading on the couch (The Twelve, by Justin Cronin, second in the series, very good!) and I looked to my right to see Pie, upside down and very much asleep.  Gravity pulled her lips into a toothy smile.  I tickled her feet, and while they twitched around a lot, she didn't wake up.  Upside down sleeping dogs get bonus points towards being good dogs.  Who doesn't like free amusement of seeing and upside down sleeping dog?

Pretty view on the way to Los Angeles for a meeting today.

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