Friday, December 14, 2012

Matryoshka Dolls

Also called Russian Nesting Dolls.  I have a collection that has been added to in the forms of gifts over the years.  Mostly Christmas, but also 1 for my birthday one year. 

From left to right Cats (the birthday gift- around Holloween), Snowmen, Christmas, St. Nick, Tibetan Terriers, and my original set. 
In the past I've always displayed them with only the largest one showing (closed), but this time I decided to display each size. Fun! - The last one on that is so tiny it only has room for 2 eyes. The bottom is missing.  

Here is a close up of that set.  Can you see the tiniest one?  There is a picture of me on Christmas opening the smaller pieces and being very surprised that there were STILL more tiny pieces in there.  I might have also lost the smallest, smallest piece that didn't open at all- it was smaller than a grain of rice.

As in the past, I am displaying all of my big accomplishment ribbons.

6 MACHs, PACH, PAX, 2 Invitational finalists,1 AKC Agility Nationals finalist,  placement at AKC nationals round, Fancy HIT ob, etc.They are so pretty!  


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