Friday, December 14, 2012

Jeep Trip

Well, I never did blog about the Jeep Trip Dad and I took on the Thursday after Thanksgiving.  Now I should be unpacking, but I can't let such a nice trip go undocumented!  I took Friday off from our club trial and Dad and I went off roading.  We went with the same people we went to Death Valley with.  Overall the off roading was not axle breaking, but there was a time or two it got exciting!  Personally, I don't find imminent death, or even imminent destruction of a vehicle to be a fun time, so it was just my speed.  I don't think I left any permanent impression of my fingers on the "Oh No!" bar.  Of couse the pictures make it look all very tame, but I promise that in reality it was more hair raising.  I have total confidence in my Dad's judgement and ability, but since I don't posses the same knowledge, I can't judge the situations for myself and am sometimes left feeling like it is more dangerous than it is.  Fancy was along for the ride and was very calm sitting on the floor at my feet.  We had a nice picnic lunch of left over turkey and we stopped at a very large candy store on the way home.  A successful day!

Coming up a hill.  Seeing if we can get around that road to the right.  We ended up having to turn around.

The friend's truck working the springs.

Going up.  Hold on!

Fancy at my feet.  She was very much the correct dog to bring.

Dad surveys the scene.

Going back down.

Fancy and I waiting as the tires get aired back up.

Using the extreme zoom to check out a white speck.  Interesting.

This was very bumpy.

A tricky part that the picture makes look easy.


Fancy checks out the road ahead.  Dad decided to go for it.

Here he comes!

There he goes.

At the end of the trail.  Interesting to see trees like this.

Fancy is (or could be) a cover model.

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