Friday, December 14, 2012

Agility Demo at the Base

On the base Family Day, my AKC club gave an agility demo.  Several people couldn't come, and it was pretty last minute.  I turned to Facebook to round up some other volunteers and we ended up with a good group, despite the rain.  Due to the rain, the rest of the party was moved into the largest hanger, but of course we stayed outside. This decreased our crowd a little, but some people still mangaged to find us.  Everyone who did get to watch thought we were great!

I set an easy T2B type course, jumps, tunnel, weaves and a teeter.  I had to redesign it a little bit because I kept finding very large holes.  I figured it out eventually though.

All of the pictures can be seen here:  Demo Pictures

Look, I'm running a Golden!  Gibon is a young golden whose Mom is injured.  He was such a good boy!

The cutest Fancy ever!

Who is that running Fancy??  It's Mom!

Look!  It's me with a different Golden!  Cooper runs well for anyone.

Dottie wore her jingle collar.

Dottie was listening well.

D was naughty during his first run, so K ran Pie for her second time around.

Pie did a good job finishing off the demo.

The whole group!

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