Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Moving Day!

Moving day was actually 2 weeks ago, I think, but with the moving, the blogging got behind.

On all my other moves I've done all the boxes myself then had helpers with the truck for the bigger stuff.  This time 2 friends offered several times to help, so I decided to take them up on it.  The Friday before the moving Saturday, we moved all of the boxes, and anything small enough to fit into my van, my friend's full sized truck with a bed shell, and my other friend's mini truck also with a bed shell.

Each vehicle was filled up, and then my van and the big truck was filled up again.  I always wonder how I have so much stuff.  Especially when I lived somewhere as small as the studio.

The view from the back of my car.  I won Mr. Potato head in a raffle.

Side view of the first trip with the van.

Second trip with the truck.  My flash wasn't working.
 It took us about 3 hrs, then I took us out for pizza afterwards.

The next day after the utility attempt (see previous post) was moving day.  With 2 teenage boys and a uHaul truck, moving the rest of my stuff took 3 more hours.  Good thing I don't try to do it all at once.  6 hours of moving would be a lot.

After everything was moved out, cleaning of the studio was next on the list.  I left the Malinois at the "new" place, since I knew they wouldn't be any help.

On the previous Thursday (2 days before Moving Day) I had cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.  All that was left was sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming any cobwebs and window sills that needed it. I gave the stove its final cleaning, and used a lot of 409 on the floor as well.  I got a little 409 overdose and needed a break.  Then I finished up with the mopping, and the final task was to sweep the garage and turn in the key.  I had one last trip to make, with the cleaning supplies, and then it was good-by studio.  I really enjoyed living there, but it was time to move on...

While I was cleaning, Fancy picked a spot and just sat there.

And while I was sweeping the garage, she sat in the door and watched.  Very helpful.

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