Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dottie (and I's) First Utility Attempt

No Qs for us this time.  The first day she did very well- except for the articles.  She did practice articles before going in the ring, and then again after coming out, but inside the ring she didn't even sniff them, just grabbed the 12 o'clock (first one she comes to) both time.  In practice when she messes up, that isn't how she messes up.  I knew our articles were not solid.  I just have to help her figure it out.

Every thing else was very nice.  Her signals were no question she was going to do them and her heeling was only 2 points off for the whole signal exercise.  Yay!  On the exam she locked right up on my command and didn't move at all.  I'm so used to Pie barely passing that exercise (or not passing) with her moving towards the judge and wiggling all over.   It is nice to have a dog who does it right!  Glove Number 2 was perfect and the go outs were very good!  She went straight and fast and sat and took both jumps nicely.  We got 5 points off since I let her go all the way to the pole, rather than sitting, what is it?  5 feet away?

All in all, a very nice first showing.  The only week part was the articles and I knew that was going to be trouble.

On Sunday the heeling was still good, but she didn't look as happy when I turned around to face her for the signals.  I gave the down signal and she went down right away, but slowly.  Not as nice.  Articles- same problem.  This time I thought for a moment she was going to do it since she spit out the wrong one she picked up first thing, and went back too work, but then she picked up the same wrong one and brought it.  Stand was still good, but we failed glove 3.  I told her "get it" and she flinched but didn't go.  Strange- told her again and she moved forward but must not have seen the glove because then she took the jump.  Then she took it again.  I'll have to work on going to find the glove even if you don't see it.  Go outs and jumping were good again.

Keeping up nicely on the about turn.


Right turn.

Stand for signals.  She doesn't look 100% happy.

Picking the wrong article but looking good.

Trying again.


Being confused on gloves and taking the jump.

A pet for Dottie.

Stand for exam.

You call this a pet?


Rewarding!  The judge totally rushed my reward time.

All the way to the pole for massive points off.  But that is how I do it.

Going a second time.

Finishing with the bar jump.

 Not bad at all.  Back to the drawing board on the go outs.

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Blue said...

Well done. Better luck next time.