Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tracking Update 3

Tracking is making me seem like someone who suffers from Manic Depressive Personality Disorder. Highs and lows. 2 days ago was a high. And today a low. Tracking at lunch, for once, no wind. I laid a long track with only 2 turns for Pie (and only 2 articles.) Then short tracks with lots of turns for Dottie and Fancy. I let Pie’s track age while I got Dottie out. Dottie was acceptable. She wasn’t very precise, but found all the articles. It is going to be a problem, her waiting while I walk the 30 feet to get to her. The “bothering” of the articles is just points, but the first 2 times she laid down, then got up and came to me.

Fancy was terrible. I think maybe she’s only been tracking one time in her life. And I was terrible also. After the first article, I walked the next leg to make sure I knew where it went, and I didn’t. I ended up back tracking the entire thing, picking up my articles.

Next, Pie’s turn. She wandered around the scent pad, panting and couldn’t find the first leg (hint- it went straight.) I eventually tossed food along the track, which she found, but still wouldn’t move forward. Finally, she found the leg and with much trying to wander off of it, we moved forward. She got the first turn, finally got to the article, but couldn’t get the second turn then when I took her too it, we couldn’t finish the last leg. I went and got the article and we did a super short few paces, turn, article. (She had trouble with that too.) I think Pie has probably never tracked in her entire life. Certainly she has never done a full length SchH 1 track just 2 days ago.

Was Pie picking up on my frustrations over Fancy, maybe the fact that my lunch break was almost over and I felt rushed, AND I was so hungry I felt weak? Was that stressing her out? When she stresses she pants and it is impossible to pant and sniff and the same time, and Pie has never dealt with stress well. Pie feels stress and she stops working.

So the plan is to go home, eat lunch/ dinner, then do some short tracks with both Pie and Fancy to increase confidence. Mine and theirs. In the meantime, just medicate me now- I can’t take much more of the rollercoaster. I love tracking- it is so cool! I hate tracking- I never know where my track went and my dogs are terrible! I love tracking- we just passed a practice SchH 1! I hate tracking- Dottie’s a spaz and Pie and Fancy haven’t got a clue. Why? Why??

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