Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bun for Adoption

Adopt Me!

I'm putting Bunny up for adoption, deciding after all that I was fostering her all along. I think I knew this from the moment I told the animal control officer I'd take her. I had a thought saying, "Maybe I'll just foster her." And when people asked me if I was fostering or keeping her I told them "Keeping, probably." You'll notice I never changed my Blog Title, either. That will be the final step when I know for sure I am getting 4 dogs.

I actually made this decision a while back and have put the word out a few places, but am just now blogging about it. I can't justify 4 youngish dogs. If Bunny was old like I had planned, she would just sit on the couch, dozing and getting pets. As it is, she needs training, and exercise and all the things that a puppy needs to give them their fair amount of attention. So if you've liked what you've seen of Bunny in this Blog, send me a comment or if there is any other way to get a hold of me, you can use that. (Don't even know how to use my own blog....)

Bunny does have some training, but not enough to really count. She does not run away when off leash (no "Poodle Bolting for the Horizon Gene" here.) She loves to play with all dogs, even large ones. Her tail always wags. She's adorable. She has no aggression. I don't think she sheds but I won't guarantee that. She's adorable. She eats whatever you give her. She's crate trained. Some agility training. Adorable. Really, a great dog. Wish I didn't have to work, then I'd keep her. An ideal home for Bunny would have another playful dog and a person who takes good care of their dogs and if they have a problem, does not take them to the pound. (That is always my fear with placing dogs myself, rather than using a Rescue Organization.) Other than that, I think she'd fit into almost any home. Just be prepared for hyperness and don't have a muddy yard in conjunction with a white couch since she comes in from playing outside and does swan dives off the couch... just warning you.

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