Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big News!

Dottie earned her AXJ at the show last weekend, Qing both days in jumpers, after not having a Q in any class since the Memorial Day show in May. Still no Standard Qs but I think we are close. Our weave work paid off and she weaved nicely, popping out in the middle once because she was trying to go really fast. Which is an honest mistake that I am happy to have.

Pie was only entered Sat and got a QQ towards Mach 3.

Fancy did not QQ either day. Where did my consistent dog go? She told me by her slow speed that all this showing has finally started to bore her. I'm actually surprised (and happy) she kept a positive attitude at the shows for as long as she did with as much showing as we've been doing. I'll cut her back and that should keep her happy. But, it might impede our quest for 5 more QQs before November to qualify for AKC Nationals. Which would be ok because now I've started to think about not going. Time will tell, I suppose.

We actually got rained on during our drive to the show. I can't remember the last time it rained in So Cal in July.

I hurt my knee at SchH last night. Dottie did not care and continued onto the field without me to get a bite. I suppose that is the correct temperament for a protection dog. Can't be too concerned that your owner is laying on the ground that you don't protect them.

One of the other ladies ran Dottie for me at agility class tonight. It was fun for both of them. The lady who ran her has a dog more like Fancy, who needs extra motivation. She had fun running a faster dog, and Dottie had fun with all the exciting things the lady is used to doing to motivate her dog. Also, it was good for the stand in handler because Dottie does not forgive mistakes like her more seasoned dog, so she got to practice some handling she doesn't normally have to do. I should be back to running my own dog next week.

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