Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Tail of Two Malinois

There was once a beautiful, well proportioned Malinois of exemplary temperament. This Malinois ended up in an animal shelter as an unclaimed stray. There are lots of great unclaimed dogs at shelters all over the country, but something about this dog seemed to say someone put thought and effort into producing such a great example of the breed. However, even a lazy breeder will get lucky eventually, so even though several people told her owner she looked like the dogs from Kennel X, it is just as likely she is the product of a random breeding done by someone hoping to make a quick profit. Then one day another person thought this Malinois looked like she was related to Kennel X, so her owner decided to take a chance and email Breeder X to see if he had any input. Now the owner is waiting and wondering- will the origin of the beautiful Malinois ever be known?

Once there was a somewhat funny looking, undersized, poorly built Maliois who at least had a cute head. This Malinois ended up in an animal shelter as a 10 week old puppy as an unclaimed stray. (Pause for narrator’s opinion- You must be pretty stupid to lose a 10 week old puppy. Now back to our story.) This Malinios looks like no other Malinois anyone has seen. Is she from show lines? Does that explain her delicate features? Is she so odd looking she is from a backyard breeding? Why does she have drive, but doesn’t have the same desire to please as a working dog should? No one can answer these questions and her origins will never be known, unless her owner is suddenly all knowing and all seeing and is able to learn things just by wondering about them.

Malinois Number One

Malinois Number Two

The End.

Epilogue- The email was sent several days ago and no word back yet. I'm guessing the breeder of Kennel X gets lots of weird emails from weird people and just deletes them since he (and she) is/ are busy people.

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