Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quiet Weekend

Spent a quiet weekend at my parent's house. Walked all the dogs to the groomers in the midday heat and dropped Fancy off. Asked for some water for the dogs (there were 4 left after Fancy left) and as I feared, they brought out a tiny bowl that wouldn't have satisfied a thirsty hamster, much less Pie who drinks about a gallon when she is hot. We walked down a few doors to the vets office who gave us a correct sized bowl and even a bottled water for the humans! Thanks vet where I got Dottie's rabies shot.

My brother is working on his Eagle Project, not without some roadblocks, the biggest being it has to be done by his 18th birthday which is in October.

Not too much else to report. Can't wait until next Saturday when I drive Charlie to Sacramento on the first leg of his journey to his new life. He is not a bad dog, but I am done with dealing with his hole digging, barking, destroying, peeing and terrifying the other dogs. Now that makes him sound like a bad dog, but he only acts like that because he doesn't get enough exercise or mental stimulation. His new life as a working dog will take care of all that.

My mom and I walked Bunny to a friend's house to show her off so our friend can help spread the word that Bunny is looking for a forever home. She should be easy to place since she is a great dog- just need to get the word out.

I'm looking forward to no foster dogs, just the three girls and I.

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