Thursday, August 30, 2012


So Cal Sunset

So Cal Sunset with Wires

So Cal Sunset with Wires II 

Note the two trees in the top photo, then see if you can spot them in the last photo.  

I went out to do some obedience training with Dottie (go outs, signals, and utility articles) and had to dash back inside for my camera.  I keep hoping to take a photo good enough to submit to the Fair next year.  Even though I am pretending the Wires are part of the artistic vision of my photo (human necessity vs. natural beauty) in reality they were just in the way and I'm sure the Fair judges would agree with the truth, rather than believe the fiction.  Ah well.

Dottie is now doing the sit and come signal nicely, but stopped doing the down, which used to be her strongest one.  Her go outs to the baby gates are coming along, but I know the jump will lure her over on the way out.  That will be a large challange.  I'd say today was the first time she really showed me she is understanding articles!  2 or 3 times she grabbed the first one she came to, but the rest of the times she sniffed out the right one!  The grabbing the wrong was was actually good, because it shows her she needs to use self control to find the right one, and the wrong one won't get her a reward.  Utility, here we come!  (Not quite yet, but someday.)

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