Sunday, August 26, 2012

Agility on 25 Aug 12

Not the best day ever.  Fancy did QQ, number 16 to PACH.  Pie NQQed, but had so much fun it was worth it.  She was very hyper and barky.  I guess I say it wasn't the best agility day ever since it seemed Dottie had regressed a bit to unfocused and lacking effort.  She did Q in standard, even though she hit a bar very had, but it didn't come down, and I had to screech (never pleasant) to keep her off the same jump Pie NQed on.  In jumpers I again had to shout (this time NO, NO! after calling her name first) to keep her out of a tunnel, and then she dropped a bar so I excused us. Those bars are really starting to get to me.  Combined with the lack of effort made it a disappointing Dottie day.  Still, a disappointing day at agility is better than a good day at the office!  And Pie had extra fun and Fancy had a good time, so of course the day was not a bad day, just not the best day ever.


Crazy4CattleDogs said...

How is Dottie recovering? I guess she was still able to run agility?

Three Dog Days said...

Yep, she is all good to go. Stitches and drains out, and no wound to be seen anywhere on her chest. Still a scab on her head. Thanks for asking!