Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fraizer Park Hike

Today Dad and I and the dogs headed up to Frazier Park for a hike.  Mnt. Pinos ended up being our destination.  It was a nice hike on a dirt road.  Crisp air, blue skies, pine tree smells, and good company.  What better way to spend a Sunday?  The only thing I regret is I had trouble getting good pictures.

Pie runs amok, as usual.

One of the many sticks Dottie carried.  I also notice in this picture Pie and Fancy are looking over the edge, while Dottie does her own thing.

Pie was supposed to carry the dog water, but one of the bladders was leaking, so I ended up carrying the water for myself and the dogs.  All Pie had to carry was a Tupperware to drink out of, and my small bag of Pretzels.  Lightest pack ever.

Dad, my hiking companion.

At 9 years old, Fancy was the oldest hiking dog, yet she seemed to be the least effected by the heat and distance.

I got so desperate for some decent photos, I posed Fancy on this lame rock.  Of course the photo turned out lame.

We made it back to the Jeep.  Where all the dogs had an extra long drink from the water in the Jeep water jug.  It got quite dry and hot at the end.

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