Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting An Early Start

On Halloween!

I was in Michael's and they had all kinds of good Halloween props.  The bloody severed arm will be good for the Malinois.  Or Fancy.  I also liked the Skeleton Hand W/ Arm that was printed W/ARM, and I almost touched it to feel the warm hand before I realized it was "with arm."  Also good for the Malinois. Halloween is the holiday you are supposed to dress up.  But I like to dress the dogs up given any excuse.  Birthday, 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day...

This weekend we have 1 day of agility at the far away location.  At least is should be cooler than last week.  In fact, I found myself a bit chilly today.  Super odd weather.

Then on Sunday the plan is for Dad and I (and the dogs) to go for a hike.

Agility update:  Fancy and Pie are both at 15 Double Qs towards their next MACH.  Fancy tends to be entered in less shows, but she is also more consistent (unless I mess her up which is what happened last weekend.)  Who will get there first?  Or could it be the same day?  That would be exciting.  Speaking of exciting, at the last trial (where Dottie had to pull due to being injured) Pie took first in Standard, by 2 full seconds.  And the fast Golden that I like Dottie to be close in time to, did Q and had a nice run.  I don't know where Pie made up the time and how she was so fast.  Her time in jumpers was a normal Pie time.  Not slow, but not full seconds faster than everyone else.  I guess Pie was feeling good and frisky!

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