Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Tracking

Dottie is such a tracking star!  The other 2, not so much, to my dismay...

In this short track I practiced no aging (I know that isn't a test requirement, but wanted to see how she would handle the lack of scent settling), tracking on eucalyptus leaves, tracking up against a row of trees with the wind coming from the other side of the trees, going from leaves to grass, using the side of the building, tracking over a tree (gave her a lot of trouble, she's done it better in the past) tracking on pine needles and finally, reminding her that a hard surface doesn't always mean a turn.  We are working real hard surface tracking separately, and I am not combining hard surface with vegetation until she is really good at hard surface.  It was her first time on leaves that dense, and pine needles.

We also did hard surface today (separately.)  I think today I was able to teach her that randomly pulling in a direction with your nose down will not make an article appear, which is what I accidentally taught her yesterday.  Today I let her "track" forward when the track really went to the left. She realized the track did not go that way and eventually found it.  While I wish it was easier for her, it is encouraging to see that she will not track in the the wrong direction once she realizes there is no scent there.  

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