Friday, September 28, 2012

Hyper Muffin

You wouldn't know it from the state of my blog, but lots has been going on around here.

I made another offer on a house and it was accepted.  Gasp!  But I had to back out since it turns out that city has a 2 dog limit.  Who ever heard of a two dog limit?  Yes, I could sneak around and be over the limit, but that works a lot better when you start doing it AFTER you've lived somewhere a while and have a feel for the neighbors.  I don't want to live in fear that I'll get caught and turned it.  When my realtor called the city about it, they told her they only enforce it if someone complains, and the people who complain the most are people who were complained about and caught.  Seems petty.

This house was a good price, was fixed up nice, and had on ok yard.  The odd part was while the garage was attached, it did not originally have direct access.  So you'd have to take your laundry out the front door and into the garage to do laundry.  But the previous owner had added a door (illegally) from a bedroom into the garage.  Which gets rid of the laundry-out-the-front-door problem, but introduces the problem of having one bedroom useless since you have to pass through it to get to the garage.

Besides visiting houses, making offers, and driving and walking neighborhoods at night to make sure they are safe enough, I have something else very important happening, but I'm not going to spill the beans yet.  I'll wait until I get one of the houses, or give up and rent a new place.  They ya'll know (those who don't already) what I'm up to. 

Why the title "Hyper Muffin?"  Because I got on video some of Muffin's antics when it is breakfast time.  This is in the morning after potty time and he is waiting to come back in and eat.  Today was only a 2 jump day, sometimes I get more.  Pie does the kangaroo also, but Muffin's is actually better since he does the fish on a hook wiggle at the top of his arc.  Isn't this dog supposed to be 11?

Hmm... I just realized I didn't blog about my birthday.  As I've said- I've been busy!  Happy Birthday to me!  The cake, which was the kind with pretty confetti swirls inside, was some of the best cake I've ever had.  Thanks Mom!

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