Monday, February 6, 2012

Good Dogs

Can your dogs do this?
But the outtakes might be even better!

Dottie dropping hers and left out Fancy.

The Mals thinking about cheating.  As soon as the tongues come out, the cookie falls off...

Pie- one of the few dogs who can look happy with a cookie on their nose.
Let it be pointed out that I staged and took these pictures with no assistance.  It would have been easier to place the treats, then have someone else take the picture, but that was not a luxury I had.

In other news- Dottie got into a Tracking Test, and I am headed up to Sacramento this weekend!  We were draw 12 out of 12, so we barely made it.  The other 2 tests we applied for we were draw 10 out of only 3 spots and maybe 6 out of three.  If we wanted, at those other tests (both in San Diego) we could have shown up and been on the alternate list, but with so many other alternates in front of us, that is pointless, I'd say.  Wish us luck!!


Older and Wiser said...

I know at least one other dog that will do that! Great dogs and great photos.

zeeFM said...

not one but three together ! I wish my Zeus can even sit still for 3 seconds =(