Monday, February 27, 2012

Death Valley, CA Trip 2012

Over President's weekend, I left the dogs with K and headed off to Death Valley with my parents, youngest brother and family friends, the Rs.

We left Saturday morning.  It was a very full weekend.  Lots to see each day, and yet we still didn't see everything.  I would have liked to spend more time at some locations, but because we spent the time we did, we had to leave out such cool places like the Racetrack where the rocks move.

These are just some of the pictures I took.  I'll put a link to more at the bottom.  

Lava flow on the way to Death Valley.
We stopped for lunch along the way and it turned out to be a salt lake bed.
Large canyon.
With Panamint Valley in the background.
I got a boost to see over the rock.
Don't get too close to the edge Mom!
In Death Valley at last.  Sand dunes.
I'm at the top of the dune and the family is coming along slowly.
Heading to Badwater, lowest place in US.  Not quite there yet.
See that small white spot on the rock, right in the middle that I am pointing at???
This is that same speck.  Pretty crazy!
Badwater.  This is as low as you can go.
On the dry lake looking back at the parking lot.
Hi.  Snow in background.
Artist's Drive.   Pretty.

Ubuhebe Volcanic Crater.  Not quite sure on the spelling.  It was really big!
Starting down.  And down, and down.
At the bottom.  It was out of the wind, so was a bit warmer down there.  Neat to see all the different layers in the rock.
Heading back out.  Quite a climb.  That is the older section of the family trailing along behind.  Not to worry- they eventually made it out.
Next up was Scotty's Castle, a large home built as a getaway in Death Valley.  Scotty did not own it, he was a friend, but he was the famous one, so the name stuck.
Inside the music room.
Ghost town of Ryolite.  We didn't have time to get out, just drove through.  I think the buildings are in extra bad shape, since the town is from around the turn of the century.  I know people who live in houses older than this, and they haven't fallen down.  (Yet.)
Starting off in Titus Canyon. 
The scenery leading up to the canyon.  The camera was not doing the colors justice.
Leadfield only lasted 6 months, but they had a great view.
Inside a creepy Leadfield building.
I would have gone in the mine if it wasn't blocked off.  Drat.
Heading into the narrow part of Titus Canyon.
It was really cool!  Very steep walls and a very narrow canyon.
We stayed in the Stovepipe Wells hotel.  This is the historic stovepipe well.  So named because they would put a stovepipe on it to keep it from getting buried in the sand.  It is not a comfy seat.
Disembodied hands at the historic well.  No one mentioned it was haunted.
The white specks is the hotel dawfed by the vastness of the desert.
Last day was Mosaic Canyon before we left.  This picture shows why the canyon is called this.
More neat rocks, smooth in some places, much prettiness!
Hiking in Mosaic Canyon.
Wow!  A folding rock!!!
Canyon got wider.
Little bro on a rock.
The marble was extra pretty.
Last view of Death Valley from Mosaic Canyon.  They we hopped in the Jeep and drove home!
139 Pictures (click here.)  And I took even more but my Internet is so slow that I only have enough time in the day to upload the very best.  

Another great family trip with memories to last forever.

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