Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Death Valley Trip

The pictures are not even close to being ready.  It was a nice, short, 3 day trip to Death Valley with my parents and youngest brother.  No dogs allowed since it is a National Park and they are grumpy like that.  The girls stayed with K and had more fun at her house than they have at mine.  It was like being at camp.  She says Pie seemed to miss me the most.  Fancy just begged treats off of her, Dottie got to play for hours on end with her Sheepdog, and poor sad Pie lay in her kennel looking sad.  Between individual walks, chasing bunnies, and cookies, that is.  Here are some pictures showing how much fun Dottie had with her new boyfriend.

Dottie got tired much earlier than he did.  So she went to roll around in the shade while he chewed on a stick.
But, it was not a dog vacation, it was a person vacation, so I'll post a bit more about Death Valley below.

We saw lots of amazing sites in Death Valley and I'll share them when I have a minute. The End.

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