Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Day Hike

I had a nice post about the new Blogger format and how it was easier to use, but I accidentally went back a page using a keyboard shortcut (I suppose, since I didn't use the mouse to hit back) and my draft was not autosaved like it usually is and I lost it all. Then, I couldn't get the new format to load pictures anymore. I struggled with it much longer than I should have. Finally, I gave up and went back to the old format. Really frustrating. Back to loading images 5 at a time that then show up in a totally random order, but at least they are loading. Since these are just hiking pictures, I won't fix the order either. I've already spent too long on this post.

This was before dinner on Christmas. Just the dogs and I went to the abandoned road and hung out, climbed stuff, swam, and took pictures. We didn't cover very many miles, but had fun anyway.

Pie runs. Or hovers.

Pie run take 2.

Still running.

Now Fancy runs.

More again.

An artistic photo. Or just my camera being broken and not getting the exposure right.

Running on a hill.

Dottie runs on the flat.

Fancy poses nicely.

I'm outta here.

Fancy is lord of her domain.

I think her expression is extra cute.

Dottie ran up and down this hill because it was fun.

Do you see what I see? (A star, a star, shinning in the night?) I'm guessing that is not what she sees.

Do you see Fancy?

Fancy practices hovering also.

Fancy and Pie, can you hear me down there?

Whoa. Attack of the Dottie.

She should be a Cover Girl.

Fluffy Fancy says it is more fun to run with your eyes closed.

Pretty Pie.

Really, Dottie? Can't you find a normal stick?

Sharing. How nice.


Playing with the long but skinny stick.
A large piece of the dam. The road is not abandoned due to the dam, FYI. The dam broke a long time ago. The 30's perhaps? The road is abandoned due to more recent flooding and it washed away in several sections so they built a new road.

Dottie takes a sobriety test. She passed. The allergies on the back of her legs come and go. They are here in the picture but are gone in the present time.

Using the timer function. Dottie does not like climbing on large rocks. Weirdo.

We climbed up this steep, slippery embankment.

Posing on a piece of the dam from the San Fransquito Dam disaster.

After the hike was more visiting and then dinner!

Dinner was 100% good. I wish I was eating that oh so moist turkey and all the fixings again right now!

After the hike, brother and ladyfriend arrived for dinner and more presents.

Brother and ladyfriend with his new grill to go with his new house (the house was not a Christmas gift, but was bought recently.)

And finally...

Molly (parent's dog) with a piece of a toy one of my bad dogs chewed off of her toy. However, all is not terrible since the smaller the scrap of fabric is, the more she seems to like it.

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