Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

Me and my favorite niece!
I know, finally! One of the reasons I'm behind on blogging is my Christmas gift I mentioned in a previous post. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Since I can check email, blogs, Facebook, the AKC website etc, my laptop sat in it's case for the past few weeks. I never unpacked it after Christmas and therefore never got around to blogging. But finally here we are.

First, before Christmas we went to view some really nice Christmas lights.

A house with a luau theme.

A house with a Nightmare Before Christmas Theme.
The most festive street.  It won first prize in the contest put on by the local paper.
The most festive street even had the street painted!
The most festive street from above.

So sweet!

I believe the lights were the day before Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Eve itself we went to Christmas Eve mass at 4 pm.  Usually we go at midnight so it was nice to go earlier.
Heading to Christmas Eve Mass at a private school.  It was perfect.  Not crowded, a pretty church and no traffic.  Plus, a good sermon as well.

Keeping the niece entertained before Mass.
Older of the younger bros posing with niece.

Uncle Youngest Bro and Little Niece.  Using the new Blogger interface and can't figure out how to rotate photos.

Bro and Ladyfriend.

The girls.

The boys.

The niece.  :)
Everyone up front of the church after Christmas Eve mass.

The traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Pizza Hut.
Ladyfriend brought cookies so we had an appetizer before the food came.
Next it was Christmas Morning!
Niece and her dress that matches her American Girl.

Small children opening gifts is the best!

I got her a funny hat.

Another great wrap job.  What could it be?

A barn star!

Pie got a pig.  It is no more, sadly. 

Niece  trying on my really long Santa hat.

More opening.

Dad gets a gift.  Don't worry, he got more than just "a" gift.  This is just a picture of 1 of them.

Mom opening a present.

I'm opening a present!  The shirt was a gift to myself and Mal Rescue since they get the proceeds.

Penned up to stay out of trouble.  They had a jailbreak shortly after.

Perry the Platypus!  From a TV show.

Yep, it was a super Christmas.  Of course I wish the whole family could have been there and that my favorite niece could have stayed longer.

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