Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Silly Video

This was taken at the place I give lessons on Wednesdays.  The tube is used to form concrete.  I think it is about a foot wide.  Not easy for Dottie to fit in, but she does!  I want to try Pie in it, but I don't think she will physically fit in.

Speaking of my Wednesday classes, we had a good turn out for this week.  5 dogs, who each brought a handler who listened nicely.

Tomorrow starts the big Southwest Regional IPO weekend!  Practice on Friday (8 minutes for obedience and only 5 for protection), obedience and protection on Saturday, then tracking on Sunday.  I decided to stay with club member B at her hotel for the social aspects.  Youngest brother has been hired to film our routines.  Good, bad, or ugly, I'll post the results here.  Stay tuned!