Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

More pictures coming later. Plus I still need to blog about our draft test.

In sad news, I scratched Pie from the agility trial today and will do so again tomorrow. Her back is hurting her enough to slow her down considerably, cause her to move funny, and even show pain when being trotted in small circles to the left. So she will have some time off from agility and hopefully rest will help her feel better. Either she hurt it on Thursday when she slipped off the sleeve (she limped a few steps on the rear left afterwards) or it is cumulative, caused by her sponlydois. If that is the case, it will probably feel better with rest but then start hurting again with jumping. And if THAT is the case, it will mean the end of agility as Pie knows it now, because if I keep jumping her, it will just continue to get worse. But because Pie loves agility, I will seek out fun runs were I can run her at 12 or 16 inches for $5 a run, or try out some NADAC tunnelers.

I know many other dogs who love agility but can't do it anymore because their bodies are not healthy enough. Very sad and it goes to show how important health and structure should be to breeders.

On a happier note, here is one more of the 4th of July pictures you have to look forward to. Bunny needs to learn a sit stay!

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Older and Wiser said...

So very cute and patriotic!