Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Bear Day 2

Today (actually yesterday) we checked out the Big Bear Zoo, which is mostly a sanctuary for injured wildlife, did some shopping, and walked around the neighborhood after a delicious steak dinner on the patio of a restaurant that allowed dogs.

The zoo.

Bald Eagle with eye problem.

Snoozing Mnt. Lion.

Giant wood bison (larger than plains bison.)

Badger thing eating a chicken leg.

One of the grizzlies. There is a mom and two large grown cubs. They were all very active.

Pie takes in the sights.

Pie and Hunda got to come shopping.

I like how you can see the photographer in the window.

Later I decided to test out carrying the Malinois, should the need arise.

As expected Dottie was very squirmy.

Pie was very good. I had her get on top of her crate and lifted her from there.

The rest of the photos from the day can be seen here.

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