Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flagstaff Trip

My parents, youngest brother and I took a short trip to Flagstaff last week. I left Friday night and drove to ffluffy's house to return some of her dogs and drop my dogs off. We had most of the day on Saturday to hang out. We went to Lake Pleasant and the Cabella's store where we bought some cool dog toys. Then I headed up to Flagstaff sans dogs, which was sad, but I was able to deal with it since it was only for 2 days.

All the dogs went swimming in the lake, even Bunny!

Bunny would rather ride than swim.

The first day we went to Meteor Crater. Very cool and very huge. We also checked out the Sunset Crater, an inactive volcano that had left behind lots of lava. And we visited our first ruin.

Very big crater. Hard to tell how big with no scale.

A family vacation means lots of family pictures.

I didn't get close enough to fall in.

Clouds gathering outside the crater.

Lots and lots of lava.

Posing by this lava feature that I forget the name of.

Fun in a fissure. It really wasn't this deep, I was just crouched down.

Our first ruin. It was a good one!

Dad checks out the view. Also note the very straight corner.

Burr... cold and windy!

Yep. Winslow, AZ. Wow.

The next day we went to Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma's Well, 2 places that had nothing to do with the Aztec Montezuma, but the white people who discovered them thought the dwellings were built by the Aztecs and the name stuck. That day we also saw more Native American Ruins.

The castle. How would you like to carry your groceries up to that house?

Posing in front of Castle A, the less well preserved dwelling.

The well.

Posing in front of the well. I love the timer on my camera.

On the other side of the well, where the water comes out. The Natives dug irrigation ditches in the rocks to divert the water to their crops. It was very hot on top, but much cooler down here.

Next we headed out to the largest ruin called The Pueblo. It was huge!

This place was amazing. I could have stayed a really long time but it was raining.

Outdoor meeting area.

One last view of the largest ruin.

The last ruin we stopped at, which was good, since my batteries died. It was called The Citadel.

Had great views.

The final day I headed back to ffluffy's to pick up the dogs and head home. It was a short trip but we saw lots of neat stuff and I always love to hang out with my family!

The rest of the 200 pictures can be seen here:


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