Sunday, March 2, 2014

Storm Watch Twenty Fourteen

It's a joke around here that any time some rain is predicted, all the news stations start "Storm Watch: Insert Year Here."  Then when the rain comes they go out and film flooded intersections that probably wouldn't have flooded if the trash had been removed from the storm drain opening ahead of the rain.  The news anchors probably go around blocking the drains so they will have something to report on.

This time was different.  We have been so long without rain that ANY rain actually would be news.  And we were being promised a big storm.  I was excited but also really hoping my roof doesn't leak!  The home inspector said to keep an eye on it due to evidence of ponding.  I have a flat roof.  All the flat roofs on base leak, so I was somewhat worried.

The big storm arrived as promised.  In previous years it would rain in the winter and I'd look out the window in the morning and see it was raining and think, "It's raining again."  An inconvenience because I'd get wet, the roads would be dangerous, and dog training might be canceled.  When I woke up to the rain I realized how absent it had been because it should have just been an ordinary sight, but instead it seemed extraordinary.  And it was impressive in the amounts we were getting.

My back yard turned into a slippery, goey mud puddle and my roof did not leak!  However, upon inspecting it I saw it was not ponding, it is a pond!  Lots and lots of water up there.  Perhaps I should get a taller ladder and get up there with a push broom and push some of it away.

I took a short film so all the people who live in places with real weather can snicker that I took the time to film this.  But the rain!  And the wind!

Now the rain appears to be over and we are still in a drought.

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