Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Agility

I have two videos of Dottie from our most recent trial.  Pie also ran but wans't filmed.  Pie would have had a QQ but I was too tired to run all the way to the table (I need to eat more at trials) and then I got confused between her and Dottie and Pie needs a down command if I am going to lead out from the table.  I didn't tell her down and she jumped off.  Our only mistake!

Dottie's only mistake was knocking the last bar in standard.  At first I thought it wasn't my fault, but now I think I should take some credit.  I didn't feel like I pulled up too soon, but I should have been running harder in the end.  Oh well.  In jumpers she was clean and in first place.  There is a lady who moved here from TX, I think, who runs fast border collies.  One is a 24 inch dog and if both Dottie and her dog are clean we can't beat him.  If the course is tight enough, Dottie does turn better, but if it is a wide open course, he will win.  Dottie got first in jumpers since he knocked a bar.

Standard, friend didn't know how to use the zoom.


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