Sunday, May 31, 2015

Short Ride

I was thinking about going kayaking this weekend but May Gray and/or June Gloom is in full force especially at the beach. It's not too much fun kayaking in cool gloomy weather. So I got the bike out and took a short ride to the top of Santa Paula. These were taken from the Santa Paula hospital parking lot.  Santa Paula was far enough inland to escape the gloom.

A rare selfie!

Yesterday I took a herding lesson  to get some extra practice in before Dottie's first trial next weekend. I moved her up from HT to PT. PT is still the step before novice but it is not the lowest step like HT. She's doing great and I think we should do well unless the sheep are very light, which means they won't the dog get close at all. We haven't dealt with sheep like that before. We shall see!

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