Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Dog Who Saved Summer

Pie's movie came out and she is a star!  It is called The Dog Who Saved Summer and is like Karate Kid with dogs.  There are two people from the original Karate Kid in the movie. The instructor of the dojo (who plays her owner in this movie) and the main bad kid who is the voice of Apollo (Pie.)  Therefore, it is the same "team."  As in Karate Kid, the main dog (Zeus- voiced by Mario Lopez) goes to an unlikely source for help and doesn't realize he is being trained to succeed while doing chores.  In the end Pie's character sees the error or her ways and Zeus wins the agility competition and everyone is happy.  It was straight to DVD- very low budget.  You can get it on Amazon and my friend saw it at Wal-Mart.  I think it is a cute kid's movie.

Dottie had a small part when she was Pie's stunt double while running on a slippery floor.  They were concerned their star might tweak her back so they put Dottie in instead.

I got this "gig" through a lady at agility who mentioned my name when one of her friends who is in the "biz" and knows she knows lots of dog people said they were looking for a dog already trained in agility who was a police type dog since the owner of said dog is ex-military and they thought he should have a police type dog.  When they contacted me I picked Pie over Dottie since Pie looks more like a real police dog and also because Pie will put her ears up on command while Dottie will sit around with them pinned back all day.  That doesn't look good in pictures so I figured it wouldn't look good in a movie either.  And my final reason is the trainer was going to be working the dog and I knew Pie would work better for a stranger.  He did take her for about a week before filming started, and Dottie is such a mama's girl she might be upset.  Pie on the other hand loves men so I knew she'd see it like a vacation.  The trainer sent me pictures of Pie hanging out in his house with his kids and she looked very happy so I knew I picked the right dog for the job.

The first scene of Pie.  It is a picture of her and her "owner."  The other pictures on the wall in the back ground of the obedience school are mostly Dottie.  I sent the trainer pictures of my dogs at his request and they blew them up and used them as props.

Pie's first live action scene.

Pie in the credits.

A facebook friend pointed out that Pie now has a "Kevin Bacon" number of 2.  There is a lady in this movie who is also in Kevin Bacon's TV show The Following.  So she is only separated from him by 1 degree!

Pie is such a star!

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