Sunday, March 10, 2013


Yes, it is that time of year again, time for AKC Nationals!  I was going to skip this year due to the location that takes 3 days to drive to.  But then an agility aquantiance asked if I wanted to drive with her and that got me thinking about it.  I wasn't even sure which one of my dogs (if any, due to decreased showing) made the requirements. So just a few days before the closing date, I checked to see who qualified and it turned out all 3 girls made it!  Dottie must have just squeaked in. 

I decided to check with ffluffy to make sure she didn't want to go before saying yes to the other person.  To my surprise, ffluffy said she did want to go, so the plan was set.  ffluffy is going to run Pie again and I'll give Fancy and Dottie a try.

Dottie has the speed to do the best of my girls, but she does not yet have the consistancy.  The most trouble these days is bars.  She is listening well and trying hard on things like not going around jumps and making weave entries (when I'm not actively messing her up.)  But the bars are still troublesome.  One bar is the difference between glory and defeat.  :)  Not an easy game, agility.

Here is the trip plan so if you are a criminal, be sure to come rob my house when I'm gone.  All the nice second hand stuff will be worth stealing, for sure.

I'm leaving Tuesday after work and driving to ffluffy's in Phenoix.  Then we are driving 2 days to Tusla.  We'll get there Thursday and do the warm up and Time to Beat class on Friday.  The real competition starts Saturday.  3 runs per dog.  Depending on what time we leave on Sunday we'll either get home early Monday morning (trucker style driving) or later Monday or Tuesday.  We'll just have to see.

It should be a good trip and it would be GREAT if we could have some sucess!

Me and the Giant Pair of Legs from Nationals in 2010.  It was FREEZING that day!

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